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Hobbies gardening., reading., cooking and baking., canning., landscape painting., spoiling the heck out of my two cats
About Me I am 70 years of age., try to walk every day., retired small business owner., widowed, love to laugh, especially at myself., enjoy my grandchildren, love animals., sunsets, snowstorms and thunderstorms..lucky to havs three sisters, two brothers. and a bff.
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591 days ago

Hello Ellen, I am thinking of tbe twenty little ones and six adults who lost their lives last Friday in Newtown, Ct. It would be wonderful if everyone who tuned in to watch your show today., and all those on Facebook., Twitter.,etc. would take just a moment
of silence to honor them. Thank you., Judy Conway
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595 days ago

Hello., I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope I can win a prize so I can
share with my family.
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595 days ago

I wish I could win a prize...just would be so very special. Thank you.
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595 days ago

Hoping my name is drawn today! This is so would be so wonderful

toshare eith ny family. Thank you and God bless.
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597 days ago

It would be wonderful to win a prize! Merry Christmas everyone!!
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598 days ago

Good morning....hoping today will be my lucky day to win a prize..thank you!
Message from Ellen
599 days ago

Hi Ellen., hope you and Poftia had a good weekend.....looking forward to seeing your
show today and crossing my fingers that I will win a prize!
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599 days ago

Good morning Ellen! Looking forward to watching your show today.,,,hope I might win
a prize. That would be the icing on the cake., you being the cake, of course!