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Judy Boyer
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Hobbies "birthday" que didn't go as far as 1941! Wow, am I to old to fill this out? LOL. My hobies are being home allot now, but still like to dance around the house, enjoy 'nesting' which is change things in my little condo. Drive fast when I do go out. Love keeping my car shiny, Wish it was still my BMW Z-4 convrtible, but had to have something newer and cheaper. Got a Ford. It's red with sport package and love it. Love my family, and love TV, especially Ellen! Last year flew in a helicopter for first time. Loved it!
About Me I'm 71. Have a 'fur-baby' named Maddie who is a black and white Shi Tzu. She's my little companion! She loves to sit on couch in afternoon and watch Ellen. She looks at me funny when sometimes - on a good back day - I dance! Flew in a 2-seat helicopter last year for my 70th birthday. Love planes. Wished I'd have learned to fly. I was quite in it - I did it. LOL While slower these days, still have it in my spirit! Ellen gives me my humor for the day and don't miss a show if I can help it. She keeps me smiling! Ellens spirit!
Judy Boyer
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367 days ago

Sad losing your friend and a beautiful young lady this past week. I saw that show and was so impressed by her. Was thrilled when you offered her cover shot. Ellen; you are so admired. Judy

Judy Boyer
465 days ago

Saw Usher come on stage with Ellen today. A show I watch daily. Ellen and Usher are my two TV favorite entertainers! When both came on TV today, I squeeled outloud! I might be 71, but I know good looking and talented when I see it. I was so jealous of all the audiance being there to see them in person! OMG when Usher smiles, his whole body smiles! I just melt like a lava-lamp looking at him!LOL! Ellen is awesome, pretty & love her humor. Wow...envy anyone getting to meet either of them!