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judy battle
Name judy battle
Joined 235 days ago
Hobbies Too old (lol)
About Me I try to be the best I can be but since my best friend / husband left me after 43 hurt...but im 65 yrs of age . I use 2 love to go places, but I just dont want to go anywhere. My best friend in ks. Tells me "You" remind her of me. The dancing, loving people
judy battle
Message from Ellen
208 days ago

I would feel blessed to just recieve one. But,whoever gets them, I know they enjoy. I enjoy watching you dance and you and portia are gems...God Bless for the 2 of make my day....
You take care now...In my younger days I loved dancing and enjoy you remind me of your better
HAPPY NEW YEAR.....Love you both..
Judy battle

judy battle
Message from Ellen -- Week of September 14-18
235 days ago

Your the greatest. Id die to watch "I love lucy"...when I was a youngster....but, lord have mercy..your even better....Your such a loving person....Tell portia (lord, I pray, I spelled that right)
Well, cant wait starting monday @ 4 oclock to watch your show to make another gorgeous evening..