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Judy B. Smith
Name Judy B. Smith
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Hobbies No special Hobbies. Just helping people
About Me I am 65 yrs old have MS doing great drive to see my Children N.C. And my Best Friend in SC paid my way up to stay with them so I could go to NC. My son Brought me to Fl and bought me a trailer since I was having trouble walking up hill Now I am fine. My next goal is to go to Mississippi that is where I was born and all my family and we want to have a cousin get together before we all start passing away.We did have one pass away in Nov.and One in Dec, My close Cousin Linda and I are making a picture album for my dad of his whole family and there family so that he can she them now and remember them all. He is 89 and his sister is the only two that are living.So that is my goal now to go to Miss and do that. It has been 26 yrs since I have been back and I am looking forward to it. I know God will help me get there
Judy B. Smith
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173 days ago

Ellen I agree with you completely there is no reason for anyone to treat any animal if they don't want an animal then give it to someone that will love and care for them.I love you show and you make so many people happy and thank god for people like you.I look forward to your show every day Thank you so much for caring

Judy B. Smith
Message from Ellen
210 days ago

It is so nice that all the gifts are given away. Please don't post this. It is a shame that the people that are disable like me with MS and the seniors.Can't even get help from our state and I have to say God Bless you for giving away all those gifts to all those people I am sure it helped make there Christmas more special.I love your show just keep it up you are a very caring person god Bless