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Name judy
Location fullerton, ca
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Hobbies piano & ballet
About Me I have 3 sons & 3 grandchildren- 10yrs old granddaughter,7yrs old grandson,& a 11 months old baby grandson,part-time office assistance. Semi-retired.Enjoy children,cooking & art.
John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John! Day 3 of 12 Days!
602 days ago

Honestly I was a bit aware of lesbian.I thought they are very unusual,belong to Mars!The very first time,I was attracted by your kindness,friendly sunshine smiling face & your talented dancing style.Years by years,I was influence by your love & CARE.Every episode you have a theme to educate us.Thanks,you explode my mind.
I am so exciting & can't wait to see you & John Travolta in the coming episaode.His dances in Grease became a legend.For those years he put up all his hard work & effort in the movie industry that makes him shine. Is not by LUCK.I remember 6 years ago, I was driving a van with my worker on freeway 10. It was in a heavy traffic. He drove a sport car passed by, & waved hands to us.I had a shock with no response.By the time I want to give him back a smile, he already drove off.If possible, it would be nice to meet
you & John Trovolta in your show,say hello & pay back the respect! It will be the wonderful x'mas gift to me.