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Judith Van Vorous
Name Judith Van Vorous
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About Me I am a 7 time cancer survivor, I am cancer free as of now but have allot of problems from the Chemo and Radiation I have recieved, so I am disabled, I am currently trying to get all my teeth fixed as they went bad from no saliva glands.I am toothless pretty much at the moment, I wont be able to finish till after the 1st of the year when my insurance kicks in again. I am currently living with my 88 yr. Old sister, helping her out. Since the year 2000 my whole life has been dr. Appts. Surgerys, testing, and treatments, I dont know if it will ever end, but I cant complain because Im still here.
Judith Van Vorous
Message from Ellen
177 days ago

Hi Ellen, I just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday, and Im so sorry to hear you are so sick with the flu, I had the swine flu back in 1975.I was dalearious for 10 days and thought I was going to diie, but I was one of the lucky ones.Hope you are feeling better for your birthday.You are a very wonderful person and I know you lift my spirits so Im sure you help others.Please dont change for anyone, you are perfect as you are. Judith Van Vorous

Judith Van Vorous
Day 8 of 12 Days, Colin Farrell, Kings of Leon
219 days ago

Hello Ellen, I watched your video, of todays show and it was great as usual. I loved when you sent the camera around the audiance, to get couples kissing, it was great.At the end I thought the guy who said that is my wife, I thought oh oh is this really going to happen, and then I realyzed he was a part of it. GREAT SHOW ELLEN

Judith Van Vorous
Day 12 of 12 Days, Katy Perry
220 days ago

I love Katy Perry, what a strong voice and is she beautiful or what, I hope I can watch Fridays show on the internt because I am having an out patient surgery on Fri, also on Tues. I think that is when Julia Roberts will be on . I love you Ellen keep up the good work, keep all your fans happy and possitive.. Merry Christmas to all, cant wait to watch.

Judith Van Vorous
Loni Love Learns to Pole Dance
224 days ago

Omg Ellen, I watched your show today as usual, my sister and I watched and we laughed so hard when Loni Love did the striper pole that my crown fell out of my mouth, she is hystarical as are you. Watching your show makes my whole day.we love you Ellen

Judith Van Vorous
Message from Ellen
227 days ago

Oh Ellen, thank you so much for writing me, I didnt think my application went through. I got so excited when I seen it did, I almost felt like you were talking to me directly, I love your show , you are so funny and have such a possitive attitude. I love your mom and Porcia also.I hope I dont miss your show tomorrow as I have to take my 88 year old sister to theropy for her arm she broke, She was using her cane and walker at the same time , she turned and tripped over her cane. Thank you Ellen for responding. I think you are the most beautiful model that Cover Girl has ever had, I use it now and love it. If I miss your show tomorrow I will try to see it on the computer.
I loved Fri. Show with Kelly Clarkston, and that vodka tasting with your assistant was hilarious, especially at the end of the skow when she came out looking like a drunk lol I laughed so hard I had to see on the computer what the gift giveaways were.