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Judith Lyn Ujobai
Name Judith Lyn Ujobai
Location Philadelphia, PA
Joined 300 days ago
Hobbies Movies, and any restaurant that makes me feel like I am on vacation in a foreign country, when I am only 20 minutes from home <3!
About Me World view, thankfully, from living in a diverse East Coast University City, descending from immigrant great-grand-parents, Liberal to the max, likes to laugh, cares about others, especially the less fortunate, believe that government's role is to make life better for its constituents after studying political science, philosophy, sociology, anthropology, comparative governments, and comparative religion -- which changed my life and will change yours as well. Knowledge is not only power, it is also COMPASSION. And compassion is what brings happiness! So simple.
Judith Lyn Ujobai
Husky in a Cat Door
300 days ago

A-DOR-A-BLE!! Best clip ever!