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Juanita Powell-Williams
Name Juanita Powell-Williams
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Hobbies Reading, tennis, golf, snow skiing
About Me former chemist, school science and resoruce teacher, environmental enforcement worker and now I am a work from home attorney
Juanita Powell-Williams
Win Tickets to Ellen's Mother's Day Show!
477 days ago

I started laughing again! I missed the show while you all were in Australia. I'll go back to the doctor after a few weeks to see if my EKG changes...I know it will...then I'll be sure to let you guys know how my daily laugh helps.

Glad to have you all back; Love the show

Juanita Powell-Williams
Win All the Prizes from Day 8 of 12 Days!
589 days ago

I can't believe I watched The Ellen Show for 6 days before I realized I could have been registering to win the niffty things in her giveaways! Not to worry though, I began registering on day 6 so I still have a shot. lol

I get such joy watching the show. I try to schedule my break time at 4pm to see the show and get my laugh-of-the-day.(I work at home) Thanks to all the great show producers, musicians, guests and of course Ellen for making my day.

Stay on the air forever...Juanita