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Juanita M Neal
Name Juanita M Neal
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Hobbies Sports, traveling, crafts,free style writing,floral designing and watching The Ellen Show :)
About Me I am a proud single parent that is out of work and have medical problems that are preventing me from working. Yet I still manage to save some money to do fun things for my son every year. I didn't get to this year due to my car needing a new transmission and it costs me 1400.00. I am a good mother and I want the best for my son. I see him doing remarkable things in his future. I brought him into this world as a premature infant weighing only 3 lbs. He was two months early and has made great strides in his life thus far.
Juanita M Neal
Talented Kids
290 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I have a son that I think has an amazing talent for knowing anything about sports from soccer to football, baseball and basketball players, the coaches and the owners. He can predict who will win games based on who has the best players.He can tell you all about the players like when they were drafted, what college they came from, where they have played during their career, who they were trade to, how fast the ran a 4 40. It goes on and on for him he loves sports as if he eats drinks and sleeps it. His favorite football player is Cam Newton which is the Quarterback for the Carolina Panthers and his favorite basketball player is Derrick Rose for the Chicago Bulls. He also has an photographic memory. He remembers some detail he saw from 5 or more years ago and can tell you exactly what happened while he was watching the game that day. I didn't think anything of it until we were at a Carolina Panther Training Camp during the summer and this man that was standing beside of us watching the practice session and he and my son started having a conversation about the Panthers players. He was amazed at how much my son knew and told me that my son has an amazing talent and that he would go far in the field of sports. He looked at me and said mom wow he is amazing! He is a honor student and has been from the start. He is a freshman in high school now and I would love for him to meet the his favorite players and or the red headed guy name Steve J. on ESPN so that he can tell him how to go about fine tuning his talent to become a Sports Commentator one day. I forgot to mention he has also played football and basketball for his school. He said that he wants to be an NFL or NBA player then when he retires he will be a commentator in a matter of fact sort of tone to me. I have never seen a child that can do this. He is 14 years old and has been able to do this for at least 6 years. I would be glad to send you video if you contact me. I want the world to see him and maybe some doors will be opened for him. You see we are living on a fixed income in a rent assistance apartment and have very little extra money to go to these events. We were fortunate to go to the training camps because they are free to the public. I know that my son will do great things in the future and I am willing to do whatever I can to make sure this can and will happen for him.

Very proud Mom