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Joyce E. Nagel
Name Joyce E. Nagel
Location Knoxville, Tennessee
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Hobbies Reading (mostly); computer games,i.e. Puzzle Express, Solitaire,etc. and TV.
About Me I have Multiple Sclerosis w/ a seizure disorder so I stay home a lot. Try to keep my mind active. Do exercise as much as I can. The biggest thing is to always stay Positive!
Joyce E. Nagel
Message from Ellen
430 days ago

Enjoyed your message. Glad you were able to marry the one you Love. I am not Gay myself, but I feel everyone should be able to live the life they want to live without prejudice. I was once the member of a small church in AZ the embraced the gay population of the town and the community was better for it. We were so sad when so many started to move to CA. Palm Springs got our loved ones. Your show is great. Are you still friends with Brad and Angelina ? Joyce

Joyce E. Nagel
Ed Helms, and the winner of 'Ellen Here's My Talent'
434 days ago

Your show on 5/16 was a hoot. Chris Pine sure did have a hard time trying to keep a straight face talking about the "Pine Nuts". What a strange nickname for his fans to pick.