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Joyce Dorow
Name Joyce Dorow
Location Tequesta, FL
Joined 581 days ago
Hobbies Beach, my dog, I'm on disability so it's really hard for me to do anything.
About Me I love people, I am definately a people person. I love dogs, they are very precious. I try to volunteer at an animal shelter when I'm feeling better. My life is pretty boring.
Joyce Dorow
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581 days ago

My Christmas was not good at all, I have 3 children and 2 of them won't talk to the 3rd, My youngest who gives me such problems, he is suffering from mental health issues and had done drugs for almost 16 years.....he is on suboxone that keeps him off using any drugs but just last week his doctor told him he cannot prescribe them to him anymore, he had been on the "helping" pill for 2 years....I just don't know what to do.............I just want some piece in my life!