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Joy Estimar-Gutas
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About Me from Philippines but currently working in Canada. I love cooking
Joy Estimar-Gutas
Quote of the Day: Kindness Week Day 2
526 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I am really amazed by your show every single day its like a relaxing time to watch your tv show...I am a worker here in Canada, in a fastfood with just limited option as what the work permit allows, with my only son left with his father back home, its sad to be by yourself. I was expecting both of them to be here last year but the Immigration did approved their papers. I am supporting the rest of my family back home so I never get a chance to visit my country. Anyhow I am always wishing to be one of uour audience in the show it will be great time I will treasure especially in your episode that your announcing a show in Australia and taking an audience with you. I never lose my hope that one day your show will come in Calgary and I will be one of your audience. Thank you for enlightening always my day Ellen even if I feel life is too hard and challenging each day.

Joy Estimar-Gutas
You Write, Ellen Responds!
595 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I always love watching your show and dream about being there one day but I think its really impossible because Im in Alberta Canada. So I look forward for your future show here...i am so amazed with all the stories you have in your concept and the generosity you share to all of your audience. I am a mother of one but then he is back home and I am here to work for family but my life is not unusual because there's many of us who have the same story as me, so in behalf of everyone who love your show here I do wish we can be in your show one day and I can bring smiles for all of us...Merry Christmas to you Ellen and more power to your show!!!

From: Joy Estimar-Gutas