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Name Joy
Location Ewa beach, Hi
Age 26
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Hobbies I like to swim, SLEEP,eat and SLEEP again ;) I also like hiking, hanging out with friends and family.
About Me I think my name mostly defines my personality. I'm married to a wonderful soldier and we're going to have our first baby soon. She's still in my belly and right now I feel the opposite of my name lol. I live in the beautiful island of Oahu,HI and blessed to have all my family here. Btw did I tell you I'm only 5ft? Yah well I am and next to my husband I look like a midget.. He's 6"2 and he always makes fun of my height but its ok cus I always make fun of his nose ;)
Weekly Tweetly: Grocery Store Turtle
434 days ago

Haha I love reading these tweets! They're funny