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421 days ago

Hi Ellen :) I sometimes read these post to you and every once in a while I stumble on a derogatory one that just amazes me. You are doing WAY more than most with all those you help. I think it's unfair and unjust for someone to say,"you're buying your viewership". I don't even get half of the comments read before I'm tired of reading and my eyes are needing a break. I just would like to know.... with soooooo many people asking and in need of help, just how or who decides who it will be? Now, I will close my comment by saying, "Thank you for making one less person/family out there struggle as much." Too bad there's not more celebrities (or should I say more fortunate ones) like you.

The One and Only Rihanna!
566 days ago

I watched today's show & some missed today's secret word for giveaway. Now what should I do?