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Quote of the Day: Broken Hearts
229 days ago

Thank you Ellen. Every so often something is said on television that makes so much sense and hits all the right spots. Your comment to Lea Michele about 'cracked hearts letting in the light, letting in the sun' hit all of them. No truer words could have been said. It may take awhile, but, the sun does eventually get through the cracks.
Keep doing what you do, make people laugh... and get people to reach their "AHA" moment!

A Day in Ellen's Photos, Featuring Jake Gyllenhaal!
232 days ago

I tape your show every day, yesterday's was one of the best! They say to watch out for the quiet looking people and Jake Gyllenhall proved that! He is one funny guy. Add him to the list of Kelly Pickler and Jennifer Aniston as one of your best guests.
Thank you for your truly entertaining shows!