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Joseph Huynh
Name Joseph Huynh
Location Prunedale, CA
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Hobbies collecting postage stamps, traveling to Europe, and reading fantasy books.
About Me I was born with a heart murmur. Five open-heart surgeries. I have 3 siblings & 2 parents, but my father passed away 5 years ago. My 2 brothers still live in Vietnam n sister in California with my mom. I live with my Aunt & Uncle when I was 9 years old. I've been calling them mom & dad. My dad(my uncle) is diagnosed with alzheimer's disease. Him & his wife have been unemployed for 10 years.
Joseph Huynh
Happy Birthday, Ellen!
552 days ago

Joyeux anniversaire, Joyeux anniversaire tomorrow Ellen!!! Don't go too wild tomorrow! Can I come to your party?

Joseph Huynh
You Write, Ellen Responds!
565 days ago

Hi Ellen,

I love when you give away money to people that help the Pregnant Amy outside the studio. I have an idea that you can use using the Pregnant Amy. This time, have her lay on the sidewalk pretending she is in labor creaming for her life. When a good samaritan approaches her to help, Amy needs to say that she's about to give birth and no time to get to the hospital. The good samaritan needs to help her deliver the baby now. It will make a good prank and your audience will laugh real hard.