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joselyn holland
Name joselyn holland
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Hobbies chess, music
About Me I love children and I have 3 grandchildren and love them dearly, I attend church each sunday .I will be 63 years youg in June 2014 and I am a school bus driver ,also if you ever do a show on School bus drivers please select me,I have so much to say..
joselyn holland
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163 days ago

I need to join your promotions, cause the hard times are here and we all need a little love which is any gift. Im willing to vist the library each day and enter cause my computer is down and I don't mine doing it, just before I go back to work . I will be sixty three coming June and Im still working , driving the school bus for this generation who don't care about no one and so, so so disrespectful, when Im driving them it seems as though;; that Im in a crouded bar so much of profanity and if I look at them in a certain way they curse me out. I just wake up every morning and pray for my day . I know many School bus driver do the same you Ellen;; Joselyn