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Name Jordynoleymom
Location Estevan, SK
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Hobbies scrapbooking, reading, spending time at the lake, helping my boys deliver newspapers!
About Me I am a 38 year old, married mother of two boys. I run a daycare in my home and have done so since 1998 with a few breaks in between to try new things. Recently diagnosed with Joint Hypermobility Syndrome, a heriditary connective tissue disorder, I spend a lot of time online, researching my illness and trying to find ways to manage the small obstacles that have come my way. I live in the 'Energy City' of Estevan, Saskatchewan, Canada and live for five p.m when the last of my crew goes home for the day and I can put my feet up and relax, watching Ellen!
Jennifer Lawrence's New Cat
614 days ago

Jennifer Lawrence, my family has the twin sister to your little Cleo! I was in the shower when my son Nolan started hollering for me to come see what was on Ellen yesterday and to my surprise, there, on the screen, was a cat who appeared to be a smaller version of our Cabatha who we believe is about two years old. We rescued her from our cabin in October of 2011 and she has been an important part of our family ever since!! I'm going to try and find a link to email in a photo of our Cabby cat, named after our 17 year old cat, Tabatha (Tabby). Our two little 'Abby-cats' do not get along very well but we can't imagine life without them! I would love to have Jackson Galaxy from 'My Cat From Hell' to come and work with our two girls to improve their behavior with each other. That guy is amazing!