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Joni Babylon
Name Joni Babylon
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Hobbies Reading, watching Ellen (truly can't miss it or my day is thrown off)
About Me I am married 31 years to an amazing man and have two beautiful daughters, ages 27 and 21. My husband works at the United States Post Office, my youngest daughter attends Southeastern Louisiana University and I stay at home to care for my oldest daughter who is paralyzed from the waist down and has a severe form of epilepsy. I am the oldest of four children, having three younger brothers. I am blessed to have a very supportive and loving family.
Joni Babylon
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223 days ago

I keep on trying to win anything at all. The Ellen Show has been the highlight of my daughter Brittany's and my day for the past eleven years. She is 27, severely epileptic and paralyzed. However, when Ellen comes on her dancing ability seems to come alive. Whether she is on the sofa where she watches television or sitting in her wheelchair, she manages to dance around, laugh and sing. This is one of the few times during the day that she seems happy. Her dream is to come to the Ellen Show, sit in front of the stage and have Ellen dance with here, if only for one moment. She would be ecstatic just to be in her presence. One thing that I thought was very cool was that one of the gifts that you gave away was for our furry friends, the Petco gift certificate. How sweet. We have Chloe the dachshund that was going to the pound had we not taken her. She is cute and sweet. She would just love a shopping spree at Petco, I mean she is girl after all. Anyway back to us humans, I have written to you over and over and just hope that one day you will get and read one of my letters. I also have an amazing husband who works very hard then comes home and is ready, willing, and totally available to any of us for whatever we need. We have a daughter Rachel also who will be 22 the day after Christmas and man would she love some of these giveaways. She is busy going to college at Southeastern Louisiana University and she also works part time at a day care to help us make ends meet. Please guys, I sure hope you read some of my letters and see how much we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Ellen and all of the staff. We want soooooo bad to meet Ellen and make one of the dreams of our daughter come true. We are blessed in so many ways with family and friends it is simply amazing. But to be honest we are struggling financially and could use help with Christmas this year. I am sitting here watching everyone getting the J.C. Penney gift cards and I can't even explain what that would do for us. I have complete faith that everything will work out for us and I have hope that maybe our letters and comments to you guys will be read and we will become some of the lucky winners. Ellen you make us so happy everyday, we really do hope that you will make some of our dreams come true. Keep on dancing and continue to be kind to everyone (one another) as you say every afternoon. Love to you and your entire staff, The Babylon Family

Joni Babylon
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230 days ago

Hello Ellen and staff again from Joni Babylon from Covington, Louisiana! I have written to you guys many times before. We are dedicated Ellen Show watchers. My daughter Brittany and I watch the show each and every single day. We are watching Kelly Clarkson sing as I a typing this. You have no idea how awesome it would be to win your giveaways at this time. I have explained our story before but my amazing husband and best friend Gary have two amazing daughters, Brittany, age 27 and Rachel, age 21. Brittany has a degenerative neurologic disease which causes severe epileptic seizures and she has become paralyzed from the damage done to her brain due to the severity of the seizures that she has. Obviously I cannot work because she needs total and complete care for every aspect of her life. We don't get out often because I cannot get her in and out of our car without my husband's assistance and he obviously has to work. We have a regular Nissan Altima with no modifications for a handicapped person such as Brittany. We have looked into an SUV that could be modified but we totally cannot begin to afford that. As it is we have two mortgages that we struggle to pay. Our youngest daughter Rachel is attending Southeastern Louisiana University full time working towards a degree in nursing, while working at a local daycare to help make ends meet. She is a great kid and not only is she my awesome daughter, she also plays the role of being one of my best friends that listens to me when i am at my wit's end, upset or just feeling low. I pray that she continues and succeeds with her career dream because she certainly does deserve it. She sort of had to step up to the plate many times when we have had some of the many emergencies, hospitalizations, etc. with Brittany. I also have had several health issues that we have been dealing with. I fell in a church parking lot and was on crutches for about four months. Needless to say that was a major inconvenience for everyone. Rachel took that semester off of school and took a leave from work to help me and Brittany during that difficult time. More recently I broke two bones in my left foot and once again was in a cast and on crutches for eight weeks. All of that is on top of the fact that my right knee is in desparate need of replacement. I have put it off, although it causes me a great deal of pain due to the inconvenience that it will be not only for me but for everyone in my family who will be trying to help me and Brittany too. Sounds like an awful story right? Well it is all true. But despite all of it, I truly do feel very blessed to have an amazing husband who is a hard working man, sometimes leaving before sunrise and getting home well after dark, two completely amazing daughters who I would not trade for the world, a mother (who unfortunately passed away two years ago), to whom until this day I give credit for making me the person that I am today, a father that is and has always been there for me, and three awesome younger brothers who have always been like my "big" brothers and their wives and children who bring a lot of joy into all of our lives. With all of this being said, as I have written to you before, one of Brittany's dreams is to come to the Ellen Show, sit in her chair right up front and to have Ellen dance with her. She has seen people in wheelchairs at the show and always comments on how much she would love to do that and meet Ellen in person. Actually that has always been one of my dreams for the past eleven years. Because no matter what we are doing at 3:00 p.m in Covington, Louisiana, we stop and watch Ellen and sing and dance, laugh and sometimes even cry because of some of the kind things that Ellen does for so many deserving people. As I mentioned this has been a particularly rough year for us financially and we are having a very hard time making ends meet. It would be awesome to win anything but it would even be amazing just to meet one of our favorite people. I truly hope that you guys can help us make a dream come true not only for Brittany but for all of us. Thank you for spending our afternoons with us every day. Continue being kind to everyone Ellen and for making so many people's lives just a little happier, if even only for one hour each day! We love you, Joni, Gary, Brittany and Rachel Babylon :)

Joni Babylon
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422 days ago

Hi again Ellen and Staff: I have written in a few times and have sent a comment to this blog entry. My daughter Brittany and I watch your show every day, including re-runs. We love Ellen and she is at least the one time of day that my daughter laughs and sings and talks about going to the show and winning a car or winning money and she has even asked me to write in to ask about getting some wheelchair covers that Ellen had given to the "Push Girls" in the past. I did send that request in but never heard from anyone. We were asking to see if they could be purchased or if that was just something that Ellen came up with. My daughter is 27 years old and has a severe form of epilepsy that has caused her to become paralyzed from the waist down and she is quite weak in her upper body also. She has a very good attitude and is a wonderful patient with all of the doctors and procedures that she has to go through. She tells the doctors and nurses that it is ok if they are hurting her because she knows that they are helping her. Obviously we have so many extra expenses with her condition. I also have a very wonderful husband Gary who is a very hard working man. We also have another beautiful 21 year old daughter, Rachel who is attending Southeastern University in Hammond, Louisiana. We have many, many expenses. We are trying to get out bathroom modified for Brittany to make it easier for her to get her shower. Right now we have a single shower and it takes two of us to give her her shower. We just do not have the money to do this and have tried other avenues to get help and have not been successful. We also have a regular car that we have to lift her in and out of when we have to take her to doctors, etc. Usually my husband has to take off of work to help me take her to the doctor because I have major back problems and am in need of a knee replacement and cannot get her in and out of the car myself. As you can see, this $20,000 would be a major help to us. We live with one paycheck and it just does not cut it with all of the bills, doctor bills, prescriptions and everything else that we need to take care of. It is a very stressful situation as you can imagine. Brittany talks constantly about coming to the show and being on the front row and being able to meet and dance with Ellen. She is such a sweet girl with such a good attitude about everything that she has to go through. She is very kindhearted and always tells me to send money to every charity that touches her heart, with St. Jude being her favorite charity. She always says that we need to send money to make those kids feel better. She is not mentally 27 and sometimes has a hard time getting her point across, but she knows more and has more common sense than many people who have no mental or physical issues. In closing, obviously $20,000 would give us some needed relief. We absolutely love you and everyone that we see on your show. Jeannie is adorable and Amy is hysterical and has a lot of guts, but they are both awesome. We hope that you will consider us and we hope to hear from your producers or even better, YOU Ellen.
Continue to be kind to everyone and we love you,
Joni, Gary, Brittany and Rachel Babylon - Covington, Louisiana

Joni Babylon
Check In to Viggle!
428 days ago

Ellen, my daughter Brittany (27) and I watch your show every day. She is paralyzed from the waist down and has Lennox Gastaut Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. However, her attitude is amazing. One of her favorite things to do each day is to watch your show and she loves to watch you dance and of course, mom does a little dancing herself for amusement. Your show is one sure time of day that she will smile. Obviously we have many issues that need to be taken care of, including modifying our bathroom for Britt's needs, right now we give her a shower in a single shower, and it takes two of us to bathe her. She has no use of her legs at all and her upper body is quite weak also. Not an easy task by any means. We don't get out very often because we do not have the proper vehicle, nor can we afford to purchase one as modified SUV 's are extremely expensive. We also have another daughter Rachel (21) in college. I cannot tell you how much 20K would help us especially right about now. Britt talks about coming to your show each time we watch and talks about sitting in front of the stage and you dancing with her. She loves you so very much and thinks you are wonderful the way you give to people who need your help. Ellen you amaze us constantly. What would be the chance of even having you call and talk to Brittany? Although her mentality is younger than 27, she thinks you are "the world". And her new favorite little person is "Kai". She thinks he is awesome. We would love to hear from you Ellen!
Continue Being Kind to Everyone!! Love, Joni, Gary, Brittany and Rachel Babylon

Joni Babylon
Message from Ellen
546 days ago

Dear Ellen: Happy Birthday from two of your biggest fans in Covington, Louisiana. My daughter Brittany (who is paralyzed from the waist down and has severe epilepsy) look forward to your show every afternoon. Her favorite part is when you dance with the audience members who are also in wheelchairs. She thinks that is so cool. Her other favorite part is when you say "be kind to one another". You bring joy to her otherwise pretty rough days. Keep up the good work and have a wonderful, amazing and happy birthday!!!

Much love to you, Joni and Brittany Babylon from Covington, Louisiana