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Jon Wolsky
Name Jon Wolsky
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Hobbies Would like to hike the Appellation Trail, Fishing caught one last summer must have been the last one, let him go. 8 children, would like to go hiking with five still in the house. (7) adopted
About Me Positive impact,Chef for 35 years around the country. fell ill two years ago. taking the time to spend with family. Wife is a chef in a local restaurant helping her when I can. Worked all the time over the past years, play the drums and collect instruments. Hope that children can pursue music. two are very good singers. Truth, trust, Love, respect. Rules we follow. best to you all Jon
Jon Wolsky
The Amazing Heroes of a Lucky Dog
195 days ago

It's amazing to see the rescue. For several years (48) This is usually a negative out come with effort. As I watched the uniforms that they wore into the cold water and even with the ice breaking on the second FF, with no panic, his suit looked like it was air controled. Times have improved from when I was a kid. The tools and equipment have really improved.
What other cool tools do they use? Be great to see you cut something.
Keep up the great Show.

much fun, Jon