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Jolene Bravo
Name Jolene Bravo
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Hobbies Camping, fishing & watching football!
About Me I am an outdoor person. Would rather be in the mountains than any where. My husband and I go to Colorado and camp about 10,500 alt. and we love it so much we stay for almost 8 weeks! No water or electricity just nature! I am a housewife and love being home, love to cook, and love to cook on campfires with dutch ovens. Born and raised in McAllen, Texas. We have 3 great sons, all married with children. We have 6 wonderful grandchildren. My husband is a fantastic teacher and takes such great care of me! I do love to watch TV, so when I am home I never miss curtain shows, like General Hospital & The Ellen Show! We are on a very fixed income, I don't use the air conditioning or dryer at all so we can save money to go to Colorado. I am a people person, can talk to almost anyone, anywhere!
Jolene Bravo
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234 days ago

I love watching you so much. When I am down or depressed, you make me laugh and start feeling better. Thank you for being our angel on earth! Even with all your success, you go out of your way and help people in need! That is so touching I cry every time I watch your show and you surprise them! Love it! Keep doing what you're doing! You are loved!