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Justin Timberlake
296 days ago

where do I enter to win a copy of his album? i dont see a link for it

Worried About Gifts This Season?
596 days ago

thank you ellen for all you do. I was not able to leave a :story: on the need help this christmas catagory, I hope this makes it in. I never do this, but have written several times. after losing our job, home, and even two of our pets to re locate across the country twice in 3 months chasing work, my family really needs help this year. just one day of "normal" would do a world of good for us and our children.we are starting over from scratch, with our second paycheck and two more to go until christmas we are struggling to get back on our feet. we have been living w/ a family member in their "game room" until we could fix up a tiny house that we are so grateful for otherwise we would be homeless. my husband works in the construction field out of our one car that is way to small for his tools of the trade, but he never complaines his only worry is that our kids have a decent christmas. we didnt just lose our home, we lost our children's home,and our whole way of life. they do not understand all that we have been through, so we would like to be considered for help this christmas as well as putting my husband on the list for a new truck. just to forget all that has happened for just one day would be amazing. Thank you again for all you do and for being so available to your fans. you are an angel