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johnny walker lll
Name johnny walker lll
Location milwaukee, wisconsin
Age 23
Joined 424 days ago
Hobbies I Like to Draw
About Me I like My Friends,Movies,T.V.Show and Good Music.
johnny walker lll
Harry Connick, Jr., Gabrielle Union
156 days ago

I do Love Gabrielle. marry Dawyane wade play basketball.
on show movie come Think like a man toon.

johnny walker lll
The Wanted Perform 'We Own the Night'
161 days ago

I Do lover song Ellen. B- like One Direction song ellen

johnny walker lll
Kevin Hart and Ellen Play Jenga
162 days ago

Kavin hart lost play jenga. ellen winner

johnny walker lll
Funnyman Kevin Hart, Heaven King
169 days ago

man Kevin Hart. I miss movie Ride Along.

johnny walker lll
Happy Birthday, Oprah!
176 days ago

I Make Draw Oprah Winfrey

johnny walker lll
Jane Lynch Plays 'Heads Up!'
177 days ago

I see her Jane lynch saw the L work

johnny walker lll
Day 7 of 12 Days, Tyler Perry, Ken Jeong
179 days ago

My sister like Tyler perry.
will Madea.

johnny walker lll
Ellie Kemper Hosts the Show!
181 days ago

I know Ellie got sick

johnny walker lll
Message from Ellen
186 days ago

I did draw ellen do you see on my photos.
is you where nicki minaj. is be part a show

johnny walker lll
Ellen's Playlist: December 13, 2013
186 days ago

We see Nelly here summer from summerfast.
but all everbody wat see nelly summer becuz lut everbody

johnny walker lll
Lady Gaga Talks About Elton John's Children
186 days ago

Lady Gaga Comer here Milwaukee this Summer

johnny walker lll
Message from Ellen
195 days ago

hello ellen. this johnny walker lll
in i like come he on T.V will you.

johnny walker lll
Ellen on Paul Walker
214 days ago

I Miss Paul Walker