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John t. ryan
Name John t. ryan
Location guerneville, ca
Age 59
Joined 249 days ago
Hobbies music, gardening, outdoors,walking, hiking, warm weather, water, travel, animals, friends, family, smiles, benefit over doubt imperfection over perfection
About Me I like the mountains I like the rolling hills I like the campfires when all the lights are low boom de-yada boom de-yada boom de-yada
John t. ryan
Win Day 10 of 12 Days!
208 days ago

Happy New Year Ellen to all your family of friends and elves.
'You Rock Ellen
peace john

John t. ryan
Justin Bieber Gets his 18th Birthday Present on the Show!
249 days ago

Hi Ellen,
First time reader, but certainly not my last. I guess you could say I'm about a year and 7 months shy of Justin's 18th birthday, and eons of ever checking out your website. I have always been one of your biggest fans. I think I've watched just about all of your YouTube videos. Not to mention your day job. Your'e timing, story telling, tying everything in to-gether, always makes me think how mind brilliant you are, that you can come up with these thought provoking monologues. You are an awe inspiring sweet funny humanitarian. I love the way that you can make your audience, guests, home viewers, (my mom) feel so quickly at ease. So Thanx for That!
I learned something new, by watching the first video I chose. It seems whenever I have heard anything about this young Mr. Bieber that it was usually on the condescending side. (honestly I don't know his music) But that is not the case I have come to learn. He really seems to be a genuinely nice guy, who seems to be surrounded and supported by his family and friends/co-workers. His caring about his fans and the time he takes to make each one feel precious and real in his eyes, is phenomenal. So thank you Justine, and thanx for that nice Justin Bieber B'day tribute you and your staff honored him with.
'You and Your Staff Rock' peace john