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Houston, Texas

February 7, 2013

To my personal hero and champion, Ms. Ellen DeGeneres,

I have been rarely moved in my life so much that I felt the need to reach out to someone I will never know and express my gratitude to someone who will never know me, but this afternoon I was so touched and moved by your simple but utterly profound statements regarding our little brother who was denied becoming an Eagle Scout simply because HE IS as he was created.

When I first heard about that issue several days ago, it broke my heart – yet once again - for all the fear, hatred, ignorance and discrimination that has been leveraged against so many individuals, including myself, by so many others who consider anything or anyone who may be “different” from what “they” consider the norm.

When I heard your simple, eloquent, rational and graceful statements concerning this young man, it touched my heart on so many levels and has kept me on the verge of tears (and many times beyond the “verge”) for this entire day. In my own life as a professional person, who only wanted nothing more than to live my life in quiet dignity, these same issues have always been an inescapable fact of life to face and work through.

Please know that your powerful, graceful, intelligent and loving voice of reason and respect for all people echoes around the world and that so many, especially your older brothers and sisters, of all races, colors and creeds thank their God(s) – who are addressed by many names, known and unknown – that YOUR voice speaks for justice, human value and freedom for so many who have never had a voice. If only I had had an “Ellen” in the 1950’s, I know that my life would have been so very different because there would have been a respected role model to imitate and provide reassurance. In those days, the only voices we heard were those who told us that “we” were not worthy to even breathe the same air of that of “decent” people.

You, dear lady, have been given such special gifts of insight, strength, power and love and so many of us understand that you have chosen to make personal sacrifices on the altar of justice for the benefit of so many. Know, please, that you are so loved, treasured and respected by many so individuals on this earth that you will never know……..but somehow, I hope and pray with all my heart that you can feel the care, love and appreciation that is sent to you every minute of every day.

When I was very young, I was a “golden child” to whom was granted practically anything I chose to pursue. Due to a number of tragic events over the past 20 years, however, my life has changed radically. I lost my profession due to physical conditions and am presently completely disabled and essentially house-bound and will spend my last few remaining years in a situation completely contrary to what I had expected and what was expected for me. My life experiences, however, have been extraordinarily rich and unimaginable for most people………………and I have no regrets.

One of the great benefits of being at home constantly for the past couple of years is that every weekday, at 3:00 PM, I now have a glass of wine with one of the most charming and inspiring ladies I have ever know…..and in the privacy of my own kitchen! At this point in my life, my little glass of chardonnay comes from a screw top bottle instead of one with a cork. But when the “ellen” show begins and this lovely lady so full of smiles, compassion, love and generosity appears, I feel as though I am having the finest vintage of Dom Pérignon ever created!

Thank you, Ellen, for having been for so long the voice of the disenfranchised. Not just for the Gay Community, but for all peoples. Please, never stop. One day, history will look back on your many accomplishments, not only your artistry and talent, but also your kindnesses, compassion and the extraordinary ability to give to so many a sense of self-worth and dignity, and will refer to you, at the very least, as the giver of joy, hope and salvation and as a profound conduit of pride in one’s own abilities without guilt or shame to so many…..and at the very least, a Goddess of the 21st Century!

With great affection, admiration and gratitude, I am
Respectfully yours,