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John Dale Erickson
Name John Dale Erickson
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Hobbies Coaching Youth Baseball, Secret Samaritan
About Me Born in Kansas, Corn Fed, Taught the value of a dollar and how to work hard. In fact, I can still out work anyone out there and that has been the key to my success. Can sell turds in a zip lock bag. Love to teach, coach, cook, and fish. Passionately, desperately in love, married to Janelle for hell I don't know how many years... over 20...two kids, Jess 19, Hope 16. One dog, Jill and her dog, Jack. God gave me Lyme Disease and Chronic Migraines so I'd stop working myself to death and slow down. Now I pay it forward everyday, listen to the birds, count my blessings, became a dad instead of a provider, a real friend, a good neighbor, a better husband and a watcher of the the ELLEN show.
John Dale Erickson
Julie Bowen, Tsung Tsung Lee, and Twilight Week!
586 days ago

I am passionately in love with my wife BUT Julie Bowen. Well, "Hubba,Hubba" says it all.

John Dale Erickson
Win Every Single 12 Days Prize
591 days ago

MY Christmas is present is already been fulfilled my kids are safe, alive, and well.
However, I wouldn't mind a kiss from Megan Fox.