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John Chitimbe
Name John Chitimbe
Location Blantyre, Sunnyside
Age 35
Joined 514 days ago
Hobbies Playing Basketball,cooking and travelling.
About Me Well, in my opinion, everyone is a dynamic being. On the other hand, I don't like to pretend that I am very special or fall beyond all possible qualifications. So I mention some characteristics which are, more or less, applicable to me:- Simple, but not stupid. Modest, but not shy. Sensitive, but not sentimental. Flexible, but not makeable. Careful, but not anxious. Satisfied, but not extinguished. Quiet, but not inanimate. Serious, but not without humour. Opinionated, but not a know-all. Social, but not a herd-animal. Involved, but not a leader. Good, but not mad. Welcome to my World……
John Chitimbe
Randy Jackson, Cameron Mathison
514 days ago

Hey Ellen, i can't wait to watch the dawg on your show this tuesday, the man himself Randy Jackson, Cameron Mathison....(American Idols) ELLEN I WATCH YOUR SHOW EVERYDAY AND I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH...PLZ KEEP IT UP ELLEN......CHEERS.