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John Caudill
Name John Caudill
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John Caudill
Mila Kunis, Tegan and Sara
334 days ago

I'm sad I missed Mila Kunis on Friday . I liked her in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and many of her roles and photos . J.C.

John Caudill
Do You Know an Inspiring Person?
361 days ago

There is an old friend of mine who I caught up with this Spring. We were roommates in 1988 while living in Virginia. We may have found one another using the Facebook pages. There was a great deal of news to catch up on but life has not been the smoothest for either of us . My friends name is Inez Evans and she now lives in her home town of Decatur Illinois. I now live back where I graduated from high school in Anchorage Alaska . In the early years of this century while we were not aware of each other Inez was diagnosed with cancer and had to eventually have a serious removal of the cancer tissue . We will probably meet each other this Fall or Winter , and have a tentative plan for me to move to Illinois and be roommates once again . I would help her in any way I could and we would have the special friendship as before . We even talk of trying to write a screenplay . Inez is disabled and has trouble getting around some . My being there would allow her to have a fuller life. The inspiring part of her efforts is that she has found a teaching program which allows her to teach reading skills to folks who did not follow our "normal" development cycle and are adults usually that Inez inspires and teaches patiently . She gets a great deal of satisfaction from this arrangement and I and her family are proud of her because this is a win-win situation but requires her to walk more (to the Library etc.) and she is determined to use her walker and stay in the mobile part of society as long as she can . She is very modest and a sincere individual . Ellen, as for me I watch your show whenever I can and enjoy the huge diversity of activities and entertainment that you and your staff come up with . I applaud the amazing dancing, game craziness , and the guests which always surprise and entertain . If the Dory film is made I'm sure it will be a huge success . In the last few months I purchased a DVD with 4 films in it and one of them was a surprise and had Portia in it - the film is Sirens . Very entertaining ! I really did not intend to go on like I have but it is therapeutic . No regrets . Keep up your special work Ellen . Thanks and Best Wishes ; John C.