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Name Johanne
Joined 194 days ago
Hobbies I like to draw, do training, dance, be happy, help others:) <3
About Me Im, a very careing, lovley, happy, smiley girl<3 I dont really like to write nice things about me, I'll reather do it to others<3 I LOVE to make other people happy, help them!<3 My sister is a good singer! I have three sisters, all of them is georgeous in their own way! And my parents, they are absolutely amazing! I dont know what I'd do without them! They are just the best ever! I love them all over my heart <3 they have given me the best life I could ever imagine, so far ;) <3 An I also love to draw, and just get all my thougts down on the paper! It's amazing <3 ✨
Justin Bieber
194 days ago

Hi Ellen!
I love your show! It's always so funny :) <3
My name is Johanne, I am almost 15 years! And im from Norway<3
I've loved Justin Bieber for years now! I think it's so sad that he is giving up, but in one way I think it is good for him to take a break!<3
My dream is to meet him! Right now I am workoåing my ass off to follow this dream! I've found a job, where I am going to work for 3 years now, and then travelling to USA and try to reach this dream, I'll be there for two years to study<3
I can't wait to do this <3
I am just very afraid of losing hope :/ <3

This is probobly not interessing for you to read, so i will stop now:)
Thank you <3
Love Johanne 💕✨