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Joey Robertson
Name Joey Robertson
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Hobbies anything outside of texas. yoink
About Me I'm a favoriable sort. Let's plant something. Just leave folks alone, but always say HI!!!!
Joey Robertson
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448 days ago

So much on here, i'll never get caught up.

Joey Robertson
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597 days ago

Howdy Ellen, I know I'm not alone out there being out of work, although I've been beaten the path for more than a year now,. but I must say, It's slowed me down a bit and I tend to enjoy the little things in life........ well, mostly the free things, giggle.... but good things none the less. I'm looking forward to the chance at winning during the 12 days of christmas and maybe meeting up with ya one day...... or at least one of your awesome staff members. Those of you out there lookin for work like me. stay positive and hope for something you like to do more than doing it for the money. Not all of us have the option of picking the work or the job they do...... but that's what I'm hoping for myself and for the rest of ya's out there. Happy holidays everyone and be nice to eachother. Yoink.