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Joe LaJuett
Name Joe LaJuett
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Hobbies Watching ELLEN & other tv shows, playing MMO's like Rift or World of Warcraft and Marvel Heroes & DC universe Online.
About Me Older than my age and on disability. Former military with the USAF (Jet Engine Mechanic)& TN Air Guard (Firefighter). I love animals and I have a Boxer named LuLu that keeps me sane :O) She is my 3rd Boxer. Sadly I lost my last two of over 12 years. It still hurts. Boo has been gone 14 months and Roxy 9 months. I lettered in three sports in high school (Football, Basketball & Baseball) but in college I ended up cheering and going to the UCA National Cheerleading Championship in 89 & again in 91.
Joe LaJuett
Do the 'American Idol' Judges Have It Wrong?
175 days ago

I posted about this on my FB page as soon as it happened. She has such a soothing voice, sure it may or may not be powerful but then again Jewel's first album it seemed like she mumbled all the words. So YES, she (Jessica) has talent and should have gone through!!!
I just watcher again on the ELLEN show :O) and shared it on FB.