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Jodi Pechonick
Name Jodi Pechonick
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Hobbies coffee! (is that a hobby?) photography, card-making and living life to its fullest!
Jodi Pechonick
Win All the Prizes from Day 13 of 12 Days!
584 days ago

The world needs more inspiration like Ellen provides. Maybe then we can have news days that are filled with nothing but what good things we have done for one another. Bless you for what you do and thank you for inspiring so many of us with your good deeds and amazing heart!

Jodi Pechonick
Win All of the Prizes from Day 10 of 12 Days!
586 days ago

I keep thinking of all the people I could share with and bless by winning! It certainly wouldn't change the world, but might make a few people's holiday just a little brighter. I hope the winners get to experience that awesome feeling!

Jodi Pechonick
An Incredible Letter from Chris Kluwe
657 days ago

It should be stated that Mr. Kluwe not only wrote this AMAZINGLY inspiring letter, but is involved in so many ways. (Benefits, personal appearances, Twitter links, etc) If you are having trouble reading the letter in its entirety, simply Google "Cris Kluwe letter", I'm sure you will find plenty of links to follow. I was able to use my back button to go back to the orgininal ellen page link, and when I clicked into it a second time, the petition was gone and I could click thru to the Nation article.
Thank you Chris Kluwe, for saying with such panache what NEEDED to be said. I tip my horns in your honor, sir!