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jodi olmstead
Name jodi olmstead
Location Anchorage, Alaska
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Hobbies anything design. artist, P.R., marketing, choreography, photographer,road trips around Alaska.Environmental Activist, Parental Rights Activist, founder of "Concerned Parents 4 Reform"(CP4R)to give a voice to those falsely accused of neglect, abuse, or sexual abuse of a minor. ,Traveling
About Me We homesteaded in Alaska,in the late 40's. I was born in Valdez.1954.A large family, our Mom passed when I was 10, leaving 8 kids at home w/Dad!The best Dad! we went w/Gramma on the Ferry to Seattle area til Dad made the house he was building, into apts., for income. Ellen, it was like dropping the Waltons into the 60's,{my poor Gramma)!we raturned 1967 to Alaska!I went into Mexico w/my kids Dads family, HUGE Knowledge, and history I would keep forever! for an entire month on a bus, getting off at cobblestone roadside villages to see their families relatives!I have many unique life achevments. I brought the "reindeer to North Pole" AK. Santa saved "clean-up Day"! Designed Christmas elves to be placed around North Pole! Special Events, Oil-man rendeer races!P.R./emcee "Salcha Country Fair". 26 acres we have built thru "non profit status!numerous "positive events" +++++ Ellen, I would love to have a production Co., to produce an entire program I completed with an puppet w/50 page resume,for "Oscar the Valdez Sea Otter"!an environmental, educational toy, tool and in the top markets.{help)I created " Oil and Hazardous Substance Spill Awareness Week "March 24th - 30th!A time to be aware of our own environment, "space" and how we can improve upon parts of ourselves, and all thats around us! Fueled from the "Exxon Valdez Oil Spill" Valdez, Ak., and the loss of my first child, Jessica to a good fight, leukemia took her at 21 months, I was 19..... Ellen, my drive is God , my rock !!!! My life is a book, with many, many journals!(I have} I have sent you numerous entries, all seemingly a different person! My life has been that eventful!!! (((peace))) jodi
jodi olmstead
Zac Efron, and Ellen's Birthday Show
180 days ago

"put another wrinkle on your birthday... suit!" !
Happy Birthday.... Ellen !On my birthday by a team @ a Mexican eatry !I was sang to by them that song!
Holy cow its in the 50's here and we have serious avalanches on our HWY!Check it out , mile 14 to mile 69 out of Valdez! ( my birthplace, in territory of Alaska.The slide now formed a mile long lake at the top of the new-formed avalanche. Its on top of our only road to Valdez, also atop the Trans Alaska Pipeline. So far everyone was out of that area, we'll see!
Have a Great Day w/Portia, and shut-off your phone!
((( peace )))
jodi olmstead

jodi olmstead
Ellen Visits Portia's Childhood School
489 days ago

did you look "down-under" your old desk, did you have any
..............."old gum" ???
Just sayin' !!

Those kids must still be soooo on cloud 9

jodi olmstead

is the spring break #1 Pensocola ???