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joanne patricia macdonald
Name joanne patricia macdonald
Location kentville, Nova Scotia
Age 54
Joined 648 days ago
Hobbies cooking, cake decorating, wood working, fishing, camping, and trying to get to meet Ellen on her show!!!!!!!!! AS I HAVE BEEN TRYING SINCE HER 1ST SHOW, WITH HER 1ST QUEST, JENNIFER ANNISTON.. hahaha!!!!!
About Me Well Hello Ellen, My name is Joanne MacDonald, I just turned a young 53 years of age on the 16th of October. I have 4 wonderful children and 2 grand children, one of which has a heart condition, that we have been so worried about since the day she was born. Emma is her name and she has many heart surgeries to go through, throughout her life to make her well. I also have a great friend of mine, her name is Sue Gauthier.... She has been battling lung cancer for many months, as i just found out. My partner suffered heart surgery at the young age of 48 a few years ago, mending 5 splints to his arteries. Then we lost my father-in-law, brother-in-law, in the past few years, due to cancer. While my mother-in law and sister in law suffered breast cancer as well. Life has been so traumatic for our family, to say the least, in the past. BUT, I have to say ELLEN, I am getting along well, due to watching your show. I know you have heard this repeatedly, but, I have also suffered injuries that have myself disabled, for the past 7 years. I get up every day, I call my friend Sue, the one with cancer and we talk about your show and we pee ourselves to no end in laughter. My friend Sue lives one day at a time. As I live it with her. She has been such a supportive person in my life, with all the tragedies I have experienced, and yet what she goes through daily, she is supporting myself. Sue and I have joked for many years how we will dance with Ellen on her show, I sincerely hope you will give us, the opportunity to bring Sue and myself to visit your show Ellen, so we can all dance together. With all she is going through, she is such a positive person like yourself. I honestly do not know how she does it. Sue has given me so much positivity energy and strength into my life as does you and your show. We have been planning a trip to visit you Ellen. 1st of all we need tickets to get on your show... Could you please tell me the 1st availability, so we can get tickets to your show....... I have been selected to go on the WORLD FOOD CHAMPIONSHIPS ON-LINE IN LAS VEGAS, THE WEEK OF NOV 1ST TO THE 4TH. Sue and I were going to drive there as I am petrified of flying. BUT, due to Sue's illness we cannot drive, as it will take to long to get to Las Vegas...... And I wanted to get tickets to the show that week, but it looks like trying to get tickets to your show, will take for ever..... You can go online to see my entry in The World Food Championship. I know this is short notice to your show, but in all honestly, I would rather drive to your show in December. I know my van will probably not make it there, but I would love to surprise Sue and be there for Christmas with you Ellen. I am not going to sugar coat it, but I know you give great gifts at Christmas and I would love for her to have a Wonderful Christmas, and spending it with you, would make her so happy and mine as well. She is such a caring and giving person and I could not see any-one else being with you Ellen on your show!!!!!!! BUT ME AS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, HAHAHAHAHAHAH JOANNE MACDONALD 1344 hwy 359 kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada B4N3V7 1-902-678-7118