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joanne patricia macdonald
Name joanne patricia macdonald
Location kentville, Nova Scotia
Age 54
Joined 647 days ago
Hobbies cooking, cake decorating, wood working, fishing, camping, and trying to get to meet Ellen on her show!!!!!!!!! AS I HAVE BEEN TRYING SINCE HER 1ST SHOW, WITH HER 1ST QUEST, JENNIFER ANNISTON.. hahaha!!!!!
About Me Well Hello Ellen, My name is Joanne MacDonald, I just turned a young 53 years of age on the 16th of October. I have 4 wonderful children and 2 grand children, one of which has a heart condition, that we have been so worried about since the day she was born. Emma is her name and she has many heart surgeries to go through, throughout her life to make her well. I also have a great friend of mine, her name is Sue Gauthier.... She has been battling lung cancer for many months, as i just found out. My partner suffered heart surgery at the young age of 48 a few years ago, mending 5 splints to his arteries. Then we lost my father-in-law, brother-in-law, in the past few years, due to cancer. While my mother-in law and sister in law suffered breast cancer as well. Life has been so traumatic for our family, to say the least, in the past. BUT, I have to say ELLEN, I am getting along well, due to watching your show. I know you have heard this repeatedly, but, I have also suffered injuries that have myself disabled, for the past 7 years. I get up every day, I call my friend Sue, the one with cancer and we talk about your show and we pee ourselves to no end in laughter. My friend Sue lives one day at a time. As I live it with her. She has been such a supportive person in my life, with all the tragedies I have experienced, and yet what she goes through daily, she is supporting myself. Sue and I have joked for many years how we will dance with Ellen on her show, I sincerely hope you will give us, the opportunity to bring Sue and myself to visit your show Ellen, so we can all dance together. With all she is going through, she is such a positive person like yourself. I honestly do not know how she does it. Sue has given me so much positivity energy and strength into my life as does you and your show. We have been planning a trip to visit you Ellen. 1st of all we need tickets to get on your show... Could you please tell me the 1st availability, so we can get tickets to your show....... I have been selected to go on the WORLD FOOD CHAMPIONSHIPS ON-LINE IN LAS VEGAS, THE WEEK OF NOV 1ST TO THE 4TH. Sue and I were going to drive there as I am petrified of flying. BUT, due to Sue's illness we cannot drive, as it will take to long to get to Las Vegas...... And I wanted to get tickets to the show that week, but it looks like trying to get tickets to your show, will take for ever..... You can go online to see my entry in The World Food Championship. I know this is short notice to your show, but in all honestly, I would rather drive to your show in December. I know my van will probably not make it there, but I would love to surprise Sue and be there for Christmas with you Ellen. I am not going to sugar coat it, but I know you give great gifts at Christmas and I would love for her to have a Wonderful Christmas, and spending it with you, would make her so happy and mine as well. She is such a caring and giving person and I could not see any-one else being with you Ellen on your show!!!!!!! BUT ME AS I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, HAHAHAHAHAHAH JOANNE MACDONALD 1344 hwy 359 kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada B4N3V7 1-902-678-7118
joanne patricia macdonald
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447 days ago

Hello Ellen, Betty, Portia, and all Ellen's Staff,
Hi Ellen, I voted for the Dennis Quaid skit, until I remembered the python wrapped around your body. Watching it today, I remembered how hilarious it was. So, I place that 2nd of my favorite times on your show.
I just recently visited Punta Cana for my 1st time in my life, leaving Canada. I am petrified of flying and I took adivan before we flew. It was a 3 hour flight. When we arrived there, there were employees on the resort,taking pictures with tourists, with pythons, what a fabulous idea I thought to get pics with a cute snake. hahaha!!!! I knew I was so out of it, when we looked through all the pics when we got home. Hilarious! You should see the fb comments, as everyone who knows me, knows I hate just little snakes.
I just got my own computer and thought I have been sending messages to you for years. I do not know where, the messages have been going and I think my messages are now getting to you, hahaha!!!!
I have been off work since 2006 with a work related injury, and I am now disabled. I know you have heard this so many times, BUT ELLEN, you have got me through so many hard days with pain, and I even watch your show twice a day, and I feel the love you offer to the world, daily! I adore, admire, respect you in so many ways. I hope someday we meet and if only to to get a hug from you, that would mean the world to me. I like to play pranks on people, now that would be a hoot, to do it for your show.
Hoping to meet you soon Ellen,
Lots of love Joanne,

joanne patricia macdonald
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449 days ago

Hello Ellen,
I am your number one Canadian fan. I am 53 years young and all get out fun and crazy. I have sent you so many emails to get tickets to your show, BUT, every-time I try all shows are booked up. I have been sending emails to you for years, but just found out how to actually send them to you, hahaha!!! I love the Dennis Quaid skit the most of all. I challenge you to have me on your show, so I can scare people and do skits like Dennis. I can be your next hilarious employee!!!!! I sent you, my talent, but I cannot find it on your, "ellenheres my talent, page. I posted it on you tube. Anywho, I hope to meet you someday and play scary games or skits with you.

Love you so much as you are my hero, when I was down and out for 6 years after having a work related injury. You were my daily happy feel good medicine for many years.
I believe that someday, I will meet you and that is my 1st, thing on my bucket list.
love ya Ellen
Joanne macdonald

joanne patricia macdonald
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486 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I was just wondering if your number one Canadian Fan, will ever have a chance to be on your show, The twelve days of Christmas would be super, but I will take anytime of the year, just to meet you and be on your show. You have helped me get through so many sad times in my life.... We love you so much here in Canada!!!!!!!

joanne patricia macdonald
Ellen's Summer of 12 Days Tickets!
619 days ago

Hi Ellen,
I am your biggest fan in the world. My name is Joanne MacDonald and I am 53 years young. I do not have a big story to tell you about myself, but I have watched your show from day one, with Jennifer Anniston. I have sent you so many emails asking to be on your show. I am not really computer friendly as I found out over the years, that the emails, I thought were going to you, obviously have not. I love you for the good you do with animals, and all the good you do to help out people in diar need. I love Gladdy as I call her, The marshmallow game, Rosie and Sophie Grace, I have to say are my favorite. From George Clooney and scaring people, is a hoot to say the least, and the best scare was with Taylor. You rock!!!! I just pray someday I can meet you and be on your show. I live in Canada, so far away from you. I have endured so much family grief in the past 5 years. I have lost my a father-in-law, 2 brothers-in-law, my husband Ken, had a major heart attack a couple years back, then the next Christmas my Mother-in-law suffered a massive heart attack, finding out my common law husband has a low grade Lucimia, as well as his mother Anne and Donna are battling with breast cancer. JUST WHEN I THOUGHT, there can be no more hardships I have to endure, my mother Sheila MacDonald, was put in hospital with a heart attack last week. I forgot to tell you, 6 years ago, I had a work related injury, that has caused me to be off work until now. No worries about that, I am trying to help all the family members with their problems. That is between you and I. I live 1 and 1/2 hour away from my mom, my van is not working that great. I am not the type of person to ask for help, BUT ELLEN, IF you can help me out in any way, you would make my world be so much happier, if I could take my mom to her doctor visits. And help every other family member here in the Valley where I reside. BUT most of all, I love you Ellen for all you do to help the world and the problems that surround your life. Please get me tickets to your show, so I may have a little relief of happiness, that you have provided to me over the past 10 years, watching your show!!!!!!!!