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Joanne McNeil
Name Joanne McNeil
Location Howard Beach, New York
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Hobbies Dancing, Dancing Dancing, Love Traveling, Reading and meeting new people and love spending time with my old ones too.
About Me I am a real native New Yorker. Grew up in the Little Italy area of Manhattan...I talk fast, I walk fast, I eat fast!lol Although I grew up in NYC, many people tell me (except for my accent) they would think I'm from the south because of my appreciation and my caring of people in general...I'm very approachable;) Now in saying that I'd like to say that we New Yorkers are kind, helpful,caring and philinthropic. Whenever there's a disaster, NYC always comes through for others, so on 12/12/12, please give, many people lost everything, so please help in any way you can. Thank You.
Joanne McNeil
Day 2 of 12 Days, and Gerard Butler!
599 days ago

Ellen, you are always so kind, not just in a time of tragety, but always. We were hit hard from Hurricane Sandy too. My husband Randy, my Son Ryan and I lost part of our home, but the most important thing we lost was our landscaping equipment. It's our livelyhood and FEMA and our Ins. Company isn't giving us anything to help us get back on our feet. Our local church gave my husband 3,000 to help get a truck because he is very community oriented, always giving back, hires only kids in the neighborhood who cannot get jobs elsewhere and pays they well that they don't want to leave even when a better opportunity comes along, he took $2,000, but gave $1,000 back to help someone else. That is just the way he is, always thinking about others before himself. I would love to surprise him with some new equipment to help keep our community happy looking beautiful. It would mean so much to him to be able to continue what he love doing, A Grateful Survivor, Joanne McNeil