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Joanne Kay
Name Joanne Kay
Location Katy, Texas
Age 74
Joined 225 days ago
Hobbies Baking, sewing, knitting, crafts and watching Ellen.
About Me My life has been good up until 2 years ago, when I seemed to go into a very dark place. Because of that I have found myself deeply in debt and without a car. The last couple of months have been getting better.
Joanne Kay
Tree Hugger
220 days ago

This has been one of the worst years of my life. Watching your show makes everything a little better. If you have a spare car sitting around I could sure use one, I lost mine this year and am lost without it. Just keep making people happy.

Joanne Kay
Terry Bradshaw's Super Bowl Prediction
223 days ago

I was not feeling to well Monday, and then it was time for Ellen and my day got so much better. If any one can lift my spirits and make me happy it is you Ellen. Loved the handicapped dancer.