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Joanne Filmer
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Hobbies Reading, quiet time, watching movies.
About Me My husband and I have 3 children with disabilities. I am working full time to train other teachers how to use technology in the education environment for students with disabilities. My husband cares for our 3 boys and works casual jobs between the boys requirements.
Joanne Filmer
It's Official: 'Finding Dory'
480 days ago

Ellen we are also nearly as excited as you are about the Nemo sequel "Finding Dory". Our 9 year old severly autistic son is obsessed with Nemo. We have been through a lot of DVD's since it's release because he watches it so much. Doug watches it on video, DVD, computer, iPod, iPad & iPhone whenever we can. We are over run with Nemo toys, books, and all manner of Nemo nick nacks. He alternates between sleeping with a Nemo and dory stuffed toy. We hope some day to take him to Disneyworld to be totally immersed in all things Disney.

How nice it will be to be able watch something different - but still in the Nemo genre. Congratulations to you and thank goodness we will have a new favourite!!!!!!