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Joanne Blanchette
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About Me Hi Ellen My youngest brother, Kevin Griffin, has been battling cancer constantly for the last 4 years and he has undergone 6 surgeries and is having an upcoming Gammaknife treatment on 2 tumors in his lung, and one on a lymph node, near his pulmonary artery. His body has been inundated with too many numerous chemo. and radiation treatments to count. He is the most kind, giving, self-less person, and he is under a lot of financial stress due to his ongoing cancer surgeries and treatments. He is trying to help his boys with university payments, while trying to work an hour away from Chicago through all of this, in fears he may lose his job. He is the major bread winner in the household, and there is a lot of stress on him. I wrote in to you before Christmas Ellen, but I was unable to put his whole story into 200 words. I've been trying to find a link to your show that I can attach the whole letter I wrote about my brother's medical nightmare. Just like you Ellen, he has been blessed with the gift of humor, and there is no one more deserving than him and his family. I watch your show everyday and I see how generous your are to people who are in desperate need of help. Can I please send you the whole letter Ellen, to show that even through all of this illness, he is still able to reach out to those who need help? He is a remarkable person. I watch your show daily and see all of the amazing charitable things you do for people in need. Please find it within your heart to please help him in what ever way you can, Ellen. His house is also in a state of disrepair because of his poor financial situation. Please, please, please help him Ellen! He is truly one of God's gifts to this earth. Please let me know if there is an email address I could send the letter to you that I wrote before Christmas! I thank you for your kindness and consideration. Regardless of the outcome, I definitely will continue watching your show daily because being a depressed person, you always bring a smile to my face! God bless you and Portia! Thank you for your time and consideration.

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