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jcp Buttons!
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I am disappointed with the JCP button promotion. The theory may have been good, but the implementation has not been. The system is clunky...enter your code, then wait one day to learn the value of your coupon, then go back to and enter another code, then wait one more day for your coupon to be delivered, then within 48 hours redeem the coupon; then repeat multiple times if you have more than one button.

I'm sure this promotion has served JCP well by gaining names, email addresses and other contact information of thousands of customers, and perhaps the promotion of the buttons themselves helped their Black Friday sales by bringing people into their stores. However, from a customer standpoint it has been frustrating. I picked up buttons on Friday when I made purchases and was planning to return to JCP on Saturday to buy more but I didn't receive the coupon in time. Instead, I shopped at Sear's and Macy's ($300+). I finally received the coupon this morning (Sunday). I will not use it within 48 hours (or do I have only 24 hours since I received it 24 hours after entering my code?), nor will I repeat this process for the other buttons I picked up, it's not worth my time.

The buttons are cute. Too bad they didn't put their logo on them.