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Name Joanna
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Hobbies working out and hanging out with my family and friends and boyfriend and working!
About Me Things about me to know that i am a clean freak! i LOVE SHOPPING its my therapy and i am Mexican and have a huge family that its crazy fun and i love so much! i also have a boyfriend named Eric. I love to watch your show it makes me so happy my boyfriend gets mad because every time he tries talking to me i totally tune everything out and its just about your show and you ! you make me laugh and feel so positive it makes me forget about everything especially when i am sad ill watch your show even if i already watched it cause i know it will make me so happy i love you Ellen and i just want you to know that what you do every day just you not giving things away thats just a bonus lol ! but you make alot of people smile and atleast make me feel like everything will be okay in end end you just give me that vibe and ive been trying so hard to get tickets to go see you especially the 12 days giveaway !! but i would die if you would respond or call like you do to everyone or if amy showed up OMG ID CRY! but i think you are awesome and i know this was more suppose to be about me but i just want you to read this one day because you deserve to hear a million times how awesome of a person you are!!!
Ellen Blue Beats Headphones!
112 days ago

ELLEN! i would love to win these headphones so i can rock them at the gym and show everyone i won ellen headphones!