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BIC Cristal For Her pens......

This product has garnered almost 2 thousand reviews, all HILARIOUS! I don't know how you will choose just one.... but this one is pretty darn funny...

5.0 out of 5 stars BICs for Chicks!, December 26, 2013
By Nicole Scott Smith (Missouri-USA) - See all my reviews
This review is from: BIC Cristal For Her Ball Pen, 1.0mm, Black, 16ct (MSLP16-Blk) (Office Product)
Thank you, BIC! Finally, I pen that I don't have to click to use. I cannot tell you how many times that I have tried to write a check for groceries only to be embarrassed that I couldn't operate the pen given to me by the cashier. I have tried to remember to bring my own pen but sometimes I forget. If it is a female cashier, we just stare blankly at each other. It is so embarrassing to have to leave the store empty-handed. If I could remember a 4-digit PIN, I would use a debit card but as a woman, this simply isn't an option. I will admit that removing the cap was complicated at first. Then my husband told me to think of it as a lipstick or a cleaning product bottle and WOW! It was so easy! I would recommend this product to anyone who struggles with complicated Man Pens.

UPDATE: I keep losing the caps. These pens dry out fast without the caps. My family is slowly starving, as I cannot provide them with food from the grocery store. Please keep us in your thoughts during this trying time. I am sooo disappointed. :(

UPDATE: I was sitting on the curb outside the store-sobbing. With no working pen to write checks and the inability to use the green paper my husband trades for goods and services, my children had gone without milk for weeks. I was at my wits end. A kind man took pity on me and showed me that you can remove the cap of the BIC Cristal and then place it on the opposite end for storage while I write checks! No more losing the cap and no more rickets for my family! BIC,I cannot believe that I am seeing this technology in my lifetime. We live in amazing times!