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Joane Duchesne
Name Joane Duchesne
Location Gatineau , Quebec
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Hobbies Love to bake desserts, paint on wood, read, love traveling when I have the time and have the $$$$ to do it, and decorate, renovate my home. Of course watch the Ellen show woohoo! Does that count as a hobby?
About Me I'm happily married great looking hubby,for 4 years. Been together for 16 yrs. (8yrs younger than me, hot buns) just saying ha! ha! I was a Dental Assistant still work in the field but only as a replacement when needed. I own my own company in the Automotive field fix and replacements of windshields, and small bodywork. But now its for sale to much for me now, but still having fun. I am now a newly hired flight attendant and omg! the best job in the world. When I have time I would love to fly over to see you one day. I have a son Raphael 22yrs old who is awesome at Beat-boxing he makes the weirdest noises with his month but people just love him, (so do I) he was asked to do many shows. Than I have my beautiful daughter Elodie who is in College studying in traveling. Than there's my step daughter Gabielle who is so amazing with musical instruments she does the drum-line just to name a few oof! Gives me the heeby geebies, its so wow! I love to sit on my couch and pet my big cat Bailey (name him that way cause I love Baileys Irish cream)and watch Ellen love, love, love it...So much to say so little time. Take care Ellen and all your staff hope you all have a wonderful exciting holidays WOOHOO!!!! Love Joane :) xxxxx
Joane Duchesne
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596 days ago

Hi Ellen! I'm Canadian I know I cant participate in your 12 days give away, cause guess what I'm a french Canadian so we can never win anything here in Quebec Canada everyone excludes us from contests. lol! But its all good I get to watch all that you are doing making these people freak out every day and omg! I freak out with them, so much fun watching you giving all the gifts you have the biggest heart. Thanks from all of them. :)
P.S. Wish we had an Ellen in Canada and I wouldn't mind having your president also ha! ha! Joyeux Noel Ellen a toi et ta famille. xxxx