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Joan Lucas Jordan
Name Joan Lucas Jordan
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Hobbies sewing, knitting, crocheting, stained glass, jewelry making and crystal rosaries.
About Me I went back to college in my 40's when my youngest of 6 kids was in junior high. I earned my teaching credential when I was 46. I didn't get my own classroom until I was 52 because I took care of aging parents. My father died in 1983 of lung cancer and my mother was terminally ill with copd and coph. Although my mother was supposed to be gone in about a month, my "nursing skills" kept her with us for 3 years and 3 months. My husband had been injured on the job in early '82 and we lost 75% of his income. My mother paid our electric bill because she had an electric oxygen machine that she used 24 hours a day. Then the refrigerator broke down and she bought us a new one. Then of course, the TV died so she bought that too. She and my father had paid their medical bills when they came in the mail but they didn't have the strength to file for reimbursement from their 3 health insurance. I used my 1st little Texas Instrument home computer to organize their bills and they got $16,000 back from those companies. When my mother passed away in 1986 she left me with enough money to take a year off from looking for a teaching job. Just 11 months after her death, I was recruited to teach English as a Second Language to the Southeast Asians who had migrated to our area from Minnesota. My field was Home Economics but our school district didn't want old, overweight teachers to teach cooking and sewing. It was their loss. I used my homemaking skills to teach my students how to make flags of their country, how to reupholster furniture using doll furniture and how to become hotel workers using the same furniture. It was like going to playschool every day.
Joan Lucas Jordan
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