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Message from Ellen
4 days ago

hi ellen hope you are having a wonderful Easter Day

What’s Trending: January 27 - 31, 2014
80 days ago

I could really use a nice grill

What’s Trending: January 27 - 31, 2014
81 days ago

I could use a new grill I love cooking on the grill

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104 days ago

Hey Ellen Happy Birthday and many more GO Saints!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope they beat the SeaHawks! Wanted to let you know I send expired coupons to Coups for Troops I mail them to Nicole Whal the street address is 112 Ellen St in Jacksonville, NC and she sends them over seas to the families. Take care will be watching I voted for you sure glad you won the people's choice. God bless JC

It's a 12 Days Bonus Day!
122 days ago

No Christmas for me my partner of 8 years not with me we've never been apart and now David is rehab to get better so we can be together hopefully. Need to get to Mississippi but have no transportation to get there and no money. We have our dog molly lab got her from Katrina through a friend she is 8 years old. If you can help God bless


Day 8 of 12 Days, Colin Farrell, Kings of Leon -- Monday, December 16, 2013
131 days ago

Why is it every year I try to win something but never happens please I really need a little help my david is in the hospital has alot of problems he's a veteran trying to get help. Just need a little hope.

Thanks Ellen your brighten my world.

Love Jo-Ann C. in florida

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136 days ago

I want so much to win so I can share with my family and my granddaughter so she can have a wonderful Christmas because no matter what age they are it's the time for children and the Lord celebration of his birth.

Love jo ann c

Day 5 of 12 Days, Tom Hanks, Andrew McCutchen
136 days ago

I could use a little happiness in our lives you make my day when I watch you and all the bad stuff goes away. Can you help me just get back to some kind of life.

I'm out of work I have a congenital problem Hyperhidrosis and my David is going through medical problems not sure if we will have a place to live

Jude Law, Blind Pilot
455 days ago

Happy Birthday Love Love

Hope you have a wonderful day

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