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Ellen Interviews Pres. Barack Obama
130 days ago

Those against Obama's Healthcare Initiative are the same people who have good healthcare insurance and/or do not have severe pre-existing conditions. People against government healthcare don't realize we've had medi-cal and medicare for years. Some disabled people choose to be on SSI simply because the medi-cal. benefits are better than what they receive with private insurance. This is about the Haves vs. Have Nots.
Until you're experiencing it, you don't understand. Like Medi-Cal and Medicare, the challenge will be about which Provider will accept it.

Kitty Lineup
188 days ago

here birdie birdie !. Very cute. Wonderful these cats have a home. ( to keep the overpopulation down, hope they are fixed). I adopted 3 , but too many in the shelters can put down.

Olive's New Home
204 days ago

Ellen is probably one of the few that can make the difference.
People donate to ASPCA thinking the ASPCA is the parent company and money is filtered to local shelters. It is not true.
The local shelters are hurt badly and lose millions of funds/ donations/because of this misconception. Many animals lose in this situation.
Ellen loves animals. perhaps she can interject humor to educate people. The local animal shelters and the ASPCA are not connected.
Thank you