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Hi Helen and crew
I am from Ontario, Canada and thought I would take this moment to join the many others in saying thanks for the great show you have. You are an elite person who has left a permanent mark to be admired and remembered for a long time. I know you give away many things including money which of course draws attention from many many people but this is far from what you have given in spirit and emotions. I have both laughed and cried watching your show and even tried to dance not good but what the heck. you inspired this also.
I really don't want to win prizes as I have to many materialistic things half of them I don't need just watching you give away all the stuff and money especially to the couples spouses are in the services and you bring them to your show and thank them that is a moment for me and my prize win. Thanks.
I am sending this hopefully to let you know if ever you have a down day or sad moment enjoy it cause you have brought thousands of happy moments to thousands who have had sad moments. It would seem impossible to be as good as you are every moment but congrats on doing a great job. If this was an Olympic sport you would get gold medal every time.

From Ontario, Canada with all our hearts and fondness for you and your show.