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Jim Gillespie
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453 days ago

Ellen you are such a great show host and compassionate woman. My question is on the May 2nd., 2013 show a essay contest for a car giveaway was mentioned. When I came to your site I am not able to find any information on this matter. I have a brother who had a severe hemorragic stroke in Dec. He is a retired Air Force member and served in the first Gulf War and at the time of his stroke he had just finished his first semester for his Masters Degree in Art. He is slowly getting movement in his right leg and arm. He wants to go back to Edinboro University. He was on the Dean's list for every semester of college including this semester towards his Maste program. He is now living with for his recovery and he is constantly telling me he wants to finish his degree more than anything. He will not be able to drive a normal vehicle so I wanted to see if there was chance for him to win a revamped vehicle so he could drive bck and forth when able. He is an amazing artist and I want for him more anything to be able to finish school and get back to his art. His oldest son is currently in the Air Force and just returned from Qatar follwing in his Dad's footsteps. So please if there is even a remote chance for a revamped vehicle for him I know he can meet his goals.

I love your show and kindness.

Mark's big brother,
Jim Gillespie