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Jim Barger
Name Jim Barger
Location Danville, KY
Age 38
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Hobbies Making Inspiration Angels. Texas Hold'em Poker, movie watching, meditating, writing....
About Me I am creating a new life. My life growing up and until recently has not been easy. From a poor upbringing, financially and literally, I have turned to writing, performing stand up comedy, being an artist, making Jewelry and T-Shirt designs, My life goal is to help people and to help my family change the vicious cycle. I want to write a book about my life someday soon. I know it would help others by hearing my story. I just need an outlet. I have a wonderful 4 yr old daughter and I have a ten yr old son that I havent seen in a long time. He is with my ex-wife in Michigan. I miss him deeply. I am making the right changes and I look forward to showing him. My wife is an artist as well, in fact her gift to Ellen was Featured on the show on January 30th 2012, the New Orleans Saints Helmet Hat, she seemed to really like it. I make Inspiration Angels as well. I am hoping to get permission to go into the Shriner's Children's Hospital to hand them out to the children and help them produce more hope. The motto for the Angels is, "Spin the Wings, Remember your Blessings", it helps produce positivity. Send it out and it comes back to you! Thats what I am intending to do. Namaste.
Jim Barger
Chris Kluwe's Incredible Kick!
545 days ago

Ellen you have taught me and my family so much. Please read my latest blog and see for yourself. Thank you for everything you do.

Jim Barger
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593 days ago

After the wake of the Newton Conn. school shooting, we need to come together and love one another more than ever now! I wrote a little something about it on my blog. Please read and share. I'd love to hear your thoughts. I have two children ages 4 and 10....I can not imagine what those parents are going through right now.