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Jillian summer
Justin Bieber
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Dear Ellen,
Hi I'm Jillian I've been struggling with myself for a while. Now since I was about 11:( I get bullied a lot but justin bieber always helps me pull through! He's been my life saver! I'm so proud to be a belieber and be part of the. Belieber family! I've been with him since 2009 and its been my chance to meet him since I discovered him! I love him with all my heart and I would do absolutly anything to spend just an hour talking to him! To thank him for what he's done for me! He always says he loves his beliebers, but sometimes I just feel like one of those annoying fans in the crowd:( I don't wannabe one of those! I BELIVE I am Justin's ultimate fan! Into because I talk about him and think he's hot, but because I knew that he would turn out to be something big one day and I knew that he would do great things in his life! I've stayed with him since 2009 and I have to say that's pretty loyal! When other people looked at him and said he's such a bad guy, I looked at the things he does when he's not on camera! GIVING A FREE SHOW TO MEXICO! That's beautiful! And going to Guatemala! He does so many things that hatters don't see, but I see them! At school I get bullied because Ima. Belieber:( people make fun of me and say riled things to me. But justin helps me pull through! Hearing his beautiful voice everyday, it's a gift from heaven! I swear on march 1st 1994 12:56 am on a. angel was born and I can't thank god enough for delivering someone so beautiful to our planet! He's had such a big impact on many belieber's lives, especially mine! I feel that most "super fans" get to meet justin and see concerts and win concert tickets and other stuff but my parents can't afforded to give me stuff like that and if I could meet him, spen one day with him, it would mean more than the world to me. I wouldn't listen to bullies, I wouldn't care what other thought of me, I wouldn't need to see millions of concerts. I just need to say thank you to my life saver! I will never say never because I am determined to meet him one day and that day will be the best day of my whole entire life!